Energie AG’s social goals are:

  • Reliability and quality in supply and waste management services
  • To position ourselves as a responsible company
  • To build and maintain sustainable client relationships
  • Ongoing proactive and systematic dialogue with stakeholders
  • To strengthen environmental consciousness among children and young people
  • To avoid infringements of legal and in-house standards

In 2016, Prof Friedrich Schneider from the Department of Economics at Johannes Kepler University Linz conducted the first in-depth assessment of Energie AG’s role as an important factor in the economy of Upper Austria and Austria as a whole. He subsequently published his findings as a study. During the study period (2010-2015), the company contributed around EUR 3.2 billion to Austria’s gross domestic product (GDP), creating or sustaining close to 25,000 additional full-time jobs outside the Energie AG Group. In the 2017/2018 fiscal year under review, a new study was conducted in partnership with Vienna-based economic research institute Economica, including additional economic indicators such as regional value creation and fiscal effects. The study’s results will be available at the end of 2018.