In-house apprenticeship training has proven to be a significant competitive advantage and response to the current shortage of skilled professionals. 1,473 apprentices in Austria have been successfully trained as top specialists in the Energie AG Group over the past seven decades. About half of these are still employed in the enterprise today.

Furthermore, we have intensified our marketing activities (trade fair appearances, media presence, folders, videos, etc.), aiming for success over the increased competition in the coming years to take on the most capable young people as apprentices. These activities will particularly focus on also boosting girls’ interest in doing the training. Around 150 pupils get to experience the Energie AG apprenticeship workshop up close every year thanks to our cooperation with mandatory-attendance schools (electrical engineering polytechnic course, Powergirls, Girls Day, etc.) and the trial apprenticeship option.

The subject of the digital transformation has been accorded particularly high importance in apprentice training. From basic knowledge of digital technology through CNC technology, PLC programming and 3D printers to smart home digital control on tablet devices, apprentices are familiarised with the digital transformation. For many years, Energie AG apprentices have been testing their talents against their counterparts from other companies in the largest apprentice competition in Upper Austria. 770 apprentices from 105 businesses took part in the 2018 apprentice competition. The best apprentice from the Energie AG Group was selected as the overall winner across all categories, coming in first place with 95 points out of 100.

Another achievement in 2018 was the founding of the zukunft.lehre.österreich association (Future Apprenticeships Austria; ZLÖ) on Energie AG’s initiative. The role of president is currently occupied by its creator, Chief Executive Officer KR Prof. Ing. DDr. Werner Steinecker MBA. The association’s objective is to strengthen the image of apprenticeships in Austria. Joining forces with the other members of the association, Energie AG aims to restore the status that apprenticeships deserve as a key foundation of business and, in turn, of society and the future at large.