Given our status as a public joint stock company (Aktiengesellschaft), reports on Energie AG Oberösterreich naturally focus on our business performance. However, we know that the company’s accomplishments are reflected in more than key figures. Many factors, including soft factors, have a significant influence on our Group. That is why Energie AG Oberösterreich expresses its commitment to sustainability in its mission statement – not only in our business activities, but also around environmental, social and civic issues. This commitment over the past fiscal year has been compiled for the first time in a separate report.

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight our Power Tower, which celebrated its tenth anniversary this autumn. At the time of its construction, it delivered a revolutionary approach as the first high-rise office building in the world designed to Passive House standard. The power for heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting is obtained from the earth, the ground water and the sun. As a result, the Power Tower emits 300 tonnes less in carbon emissions each year than other high-rises. At the anniversary celebration, we took the occasion to open an exhibition, which was curated by our own amateur artists. In doing so, we consciously set an example in terms of the depth of our cultural commitment. This encompasses both external partners (such as the St. Florian Sängerknaben boys’ choir and the Höhenrausch project in Linz) and the company as a whole (including our employees). Our company band, one of the best symphonic wind ensembles in Austria, is also widely known. Supporting our employees and their individual talents is a mission close to our hearts.

We are firmly convinced that working together in a spirit of respect gives people a better environment and greater motivation to perform their duties. The outstanding results achieved by Energie AG Oberösterreich’s apprentices in the 2018 apprentice competition are a testament to this once again. In addition to the repeat victory in the electrical engineering category, an apprentice from Energie AG Oberösterreich’s apprentice workshop also led the overall standings. Against this background, we can look ahead to the future in good spirits.