A Strong Regional Partner for Our Customers

As Upper Austria's state energy utility in Austria's strongest export state, Energie AG Oberösterreich positions itself as a modern and efficient provider of energy and infrastructure services. We stand for high-quality and reliable products and services in the fields of energy, waste management, telecommunications and water, which we continuously and consistently adapt to the needs of our customers. In this way, we make a material contribution to the sustainable development of the quality of life and the economy in the regions in which we operate. A 100% subsidiary of Energie AG, Netz Oberösterreich GmbH secures the energy supply in Upper Austria with a modern and reliable electricity and natural gas grid as well as natural gas storage facilities and is Austria's pioneer in the roll-out of smart meter technology. Our waste management division guarantees solutions in the areas of waste and recyclable materials to the highest technological and ecological standards and, thanks to the two incineration plants in Wels and Lenzing, makes a significant contribution to waste management and supply reliability in Austria.

Energie AG is at the forefront of the development and introduction of future-oriented technologies. To this end, it is investing in a modern telecommunications infrastructure with the aim of growing in these areas. In the form of a fibre-optic network of more than 5,550 kilometres in length, to which all relevant public buildings and companies are connected, we are creating a material prerequisite for the further digitalisation of Upper Austria as a business location.

In a competitive environment, we stand for sustainable and fair solutions, which we can guarantee on the basis of permanent process optimisation. In contrast to many other electricity suppliers, this enables us to continue to offer our electricity customers stable prices despite rising wholesale prices in 2018 and the separation of electricity price zones between Germany and Austria on 1 October 2018. We also think about future generations and consistently orientate our actions towards ecological, social and societal aspects.

In the important future segment of water, Energie AG has succeeded in establishing itself as a successful supplier of drinking water and disposer of waste water thanks to ongoing adaptations to changed customer requirements. Selective investments in the Group's own infrastructure are intended to deepen the partnerships with the municipalities, while simultaneously leveraging the opportunities arising from the new statutory environment.

Supply Reliability

In addition to investments in the highly available and state-of-the-art cable and power-line grid of Netz Oberösterreich GmbH, it is above all necessary to provide assured, flexible services for supply reliability. The CCGT (combined cycle gas-turbine) power plant in Timelkam plays an important role in congestion management here, and in grid reserve management for transmission system operators. In the future, the development and application of new technologies and intelligent system solutions for decentralised flexibility and balancing energy storage will also be of particular importance.

Decarbonisation as a Cornerstone of the Climate and Energy Strategy

The national energy and climate targets for 2030 as well as the decarbonisation path to be pursued up to 2050 are an important step for the future energy supply in Austria. From the perspective of Energie AG, it is relevant to take a holistic, integrated look at the energy system, taking into account the electricity and heat and mobility sectors (“sector coupling”). The goal of covering 100% of total national electricity consumption from renewable energies by 2030 is very ambitious. Appropriate general conditions must be created in good time for implementation in order, on the one hand, to build up the necessary power generation facilities while, on the other, being able to continue to guarantee the excellent supply reliability and quality.

In the area of electricity procurement, Energie AG has for a long time used its own 44 hydropower plants and corresponding rights to procure electricity generated from renewable energy sources. In addition, the further expansion of the existing generation portfolio from renewable sources – especially photovoltaics, wind and biomass – is a strategic development area. Numerous attractive projects are currently being developed to decision-making maturity and will be implemented under appropriate legal and stable general economic conditions.

By using biomass, geothermal energy and industrial waste heat, Energie AG has for many years pursued a decarbonisation strategy in the area of district heating and thus plays a pioneering role as a sustainable utility in its market sectors.

In order to achieve our growth targets and improve our strategic position, we use strategic partnerships, offer comprehensive contracting solutions and enter into cooperation agreements.

Digitalisation as an Opportunity

Digitalisation is one of the greatest challenges for Energie AG – both as a risk and, above all, as an opportunity. On the one hand, the competitive environment is changing at an enormous speed; on the other, innovative, powerful digital approaches are now available that Energie AG intends to use.

True to the motto of “digital supply reliability”, Energie AG is actively shaping Upper Austria's digital future in collaboration with its customers and partners. In order to achieve these goals, key topics and objectives, and a corresponding roadmap have been developed and consistently implemented. Unconditional orientation on the needs and requirements of our customers is key here. Thanks to digital distribution channels, from platforms and portal solutions to personal online consulting, our customers are assured individual service.

In the form of blockchain, the energy industry is also benefitting a new, highly interesting technology with an enormous potential for innovation and change. Energie AG proactively launched its first applications in the areas of electricity trading, waste disposal and grid on the market at a very early stage. For example, in February 2018, after intensive preparation, the first blockchain-based electricity wholesale deal was successfully concluded with a partner. In-house experts are collaborating with leading international specialists on the implementation of further digital solutions for our customers.

Our Most Important Resource: Motivated Employees

Without motivated and committed employees, strategic goals would be unachievable. In order to survive in the battle for talent, Energie AG is looking to address a large target group, with female junior staff for technical departments and management positions in particular, and has set new standards in the further development of the employer brand in this area. Thanks to our extremely successful apprentice training, and bucking the trend of a skilled labour shortage throughout Europe, we are able to recruit the necessary specialists for our divisions. With these measures in the area of diversity, Energie AG is also sending an important socio-politically message to current and future generations.

Stability and Flexibility

The basis of every future-orientated company is its economic success. Our financial goal is therefore to achieve attractive returns, to sustainably increase the value of the Group and to continue to be a reliable and interesting business partner for owners and investors in the future. Financial stability is supported by the balanced Group portfolio of liberalised and regulated business models. A further basis for our success is our efficient opportunity and risk management. It empowers us to identify challenges for the Group at an early stage and to take effective measures in good time.

We take a proactive approach to dynamic changes in the general conditions, such as legislative adjustments to the Renewable Energies Expansion Act, the Basic Data Protection Regulation or the EU Recycling Package, as well as market-side challenges due to changes in customer needs or competitors from outside the industry.