Energie AG’s economic goals are:

  • To ensure sustainable financial stability
  • To increase the company value
  • Ongoing profitability for the capital employed, above the minimum rate of return
  • To create an efficient and competitive corporate and organisational structure
  • To implement innovative business models that are fit for the future
  • To create a working environment that motivates employees to innovate

Positioning ourselves as a reliable and stable partner for equity investors and outside creditors is an important goal of Energie AG, which we are pursuing in a consistent and sustained manner. Following the Group’s strategic and structural realignment in the 2013/2014 fiscal year as part of the ”PowerStrategy 2020“, further trend-setting projects were launched in the 2017/2018 fiscal year.

Energie AG works at an early stage to identify ideas that have potential for future business models and areas of activity. It was in this context that the Special Innovation Committee (”SoKo Innovation“) was created three years ago. This working group established an innovation process aiming to engage with selected issues and make ongoing improvements. This innovation process is guided by the concepts of design thinking and interactive development of business ideas based on customer needs.

For information about the state of business at the Energie AG Group, see the Group Management Report. The following sections address business development in the Group: Net Assets, Financial Position and Results of Operations, and Research, Development and Innovation.