For a business to be able to proactively meet the demands of the future, it is important for its employees to have the relevant skills at their disposal and for diversity not only to be embraced in recruiting, but also internally (for example, when filling management positions).

The one-year FORWARD programme was launched to promote junior female staff within the company. A combination of mentoring and engagement with leadership topics is intended to support the specialists with their entry into a management career.

The plan for a Management Academy was reviewed in the 2017/2018 fiscal year and the Energie AG Future Lab was established. The Future Lab focuses intensely on personal responsibility, self-organisation and application of new methods. The Personnel Development 4.0 concept focuses on practical, media and social skills for members of staff after an initial phase to raise awareness about the subject of the digital transformation.

A conflict management system was developed during the period under review. This will be implemented in Austria over the next fiscal year.