Sustainability opportunities and risk management

Given the high importance of sustainability issues to business activity, more and more aspects of ESG are being incorporated into risk management. This task is performed by the Group-wide risk management system, which actively monitors and records potential risks and opportunities. Opportunities and risks are events outside of the “ordinary” business activities that entail potential positive or negative consequences. For details on the Group-wide risk management and a description of Energie AG's opportunities and risks, please see the Group Management Report and the Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements, Management of risks and opportunities.

Based on international standards, the most significant effects of Energie AG's activities on the issues resulting from the Austrian Sustainability and Diversity Improvement Act (NaDiVeG) were evaluated in an interactive process conducted together with the relevant business units. The opportunities and risks identified in this way were subjected to a qualitative assessment using a group-wide uniform assessment method. Opportunities and risks were presented as net risks and commensurate measures to reduce these risks were taken.

The focus in the 2022/2023 fiscal year was on further developing the ESG risk management system. The topics and activities pursued by other organisational units within the Group and their significant impact on matters regulated under the NaDiVeG were integrated into the Group-wide ESG risk management system. This also included an “outside-in” evaluation of the issues that resulted in the inclusion of previously omitted risks and opportunities in the risk inventory of Energy AG Group. These are analysed accordingly and are given due consideration within the strategy.

The following tables summarise the main opportunities and risks as well as the main potential impacts that could arise through Energie AG’s activities on issues linked to the Austrian Sustainability and Diversity Improvement Act (NaDiVeG). The tables also illustrate the associated concepts and measures that the Energie AG Group deploys, along with relevant SDGs.