Employees – responsible employer

Energie AG’s goals as an employer seeking to embrace responsibility are:

  • Further development of employer branding with a special focus on specific target groups
  • Personnel and management development, as well as high-quality apprenticeship programmes
  • Ensuring access to qualified personnel in the long term, for example by positioning the Company as a family-friendly employer
  • Improving all measures of diversity, equity and inclusion (age, gender, origin, etc.)

Acting as a responsible employer

Energie AG has, in particular with regard to marked transitions in the work and life reality of its employees, positioned itself as a crisis-safe and responsible employer by establishing additional flexible work time models, creating the necessary framework for working from home etc., as well as providing various demand-oriented childcare options for employees.

In the past fiscal year, there was a strong emphasis on the theme of diversity. Our vision up to 2025 is as follows: “We create a corporate climate in which people can enjoy working through our open, respectful and appreciative attitude and honest communications”. For more information, see Employees, Promoting diversity.

The implementation of sustainability objectives requires committed and satisfied employees. The Group's apprenticeship programme secures a comprehensive practical training for young talents, who rotate through different business areas with relevant career opportunities, and is a preventative measure in light of the general shortage of skilled workers. Target group-oriented employer branding and dedicated trainee programs are intended to give external target groups an excellent career start at Energie AG Group. Flexible work time models, high quality work equipment, and a wide range of training and professional education options are important contributions to staff loyalty.