Energie AG pursues the following environmental objectives:

  • Climate neutrality by 2035, subject to the proviso of guaranteed security of supply and waste management
  • Steady expansion of renewable energy: +1.2 TWh/a between now and 2035
  • Company fleet of electric cars to rise to 40% by 2024
  • Resource conservation
  • Warranting an environmentally friendly and legally compliant circular economy
  • Active positioning on the hydrogen market: seeking of appropriate investments, including the operation of up to four electrolysers and the sale of hydrogen

Energie AG's major sustainability issues in the realm of the environment and sustainability are climate protection and the responsible, careful and efficient consumption of natural energy resources. They are covered in the section Environment, broken down according to the Segments Energy, Grid, Waste Management, Czech Republic, and Holding & Services.

Waste management is an integral element of the circular economy. Across the EU, statutory measures are being implemented to retain goods within the economic cycle and – aiming for the longest possible duration of use – ultimately assure their sustainable processing. The implementation of the measures and their impact are accompanied by EU-wide reporting that, among others, includes (volume) disclosures regarding waste handled and processing paths. Waste management plants that exceed a legal limit of waste volumes are made to comply with special conditions and reporting obligations. This concerns, for example, waste incineration plants and landfills.

Regular internal and external audits are carried out as part of due diligence measures to help to ensure the necessary compliance with the environmentally-relevant statutory requirements. The full list of review findings can be found in the current environmental statements of Umwelt Service GmbH and Erzeugung GmbH (for Timelkam).