Sustainability objectives

Sustainability goal economy (icon)

Sustainability objectives for our business

  • Ensuring sustainable financial stability
  • Securing the company value
  • Implementinginnovative business models that are fit for the future
Sustainability goal environment (icon)

Sustainability objectives for the environment

  • Expanding renewable energy: +630 GWh by 2030; company fleet of electric cars to rise to 40% by 2024
  • Resource conservation
  • Warranting an environmentally friendly and legally compliant circular economy
Sustainability goal social affairs (icon)

Sustainability objectives for social affairs

  • Reliability in supply and waste management services
  • Positioning ourselves as a responsible company
  • Building and maintaining sustainable client relationships
Sustainability goal employees (icon)

Sustainability objectives for our employees

  • Further development of employer branding with a special focus on promoting diversity (women in technical professions)
  • Personnel and management development, as well as high-quality apprenticeship programmes
  • Ensuring access to qualified personnel in the long term, in particular by positioning the Company as a family-friendly employer
Sustainability goal compliance (icon)

Sustainability objectives for compliance

  • Ensuring a value-conscious compliance culture
  • Preventing property damage and reputational damage
  • Ensuring fair competition by compliance with the law and regulations

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