Employees – responsible employer

Energie AG’s goals as an employer seeking to embrace responsibility are:

  • Further development of employer branding with a special focus on promoting diversity (such as women in technical professions)
  • Personnel and management development, as well as high-quality apprenticeship programmes
  • Ensuring access to qualified personnel in the long term, in particular by positioning the Company as a family-friendly employer

Positioning Energie AG as a crisis-safe and responsible employer is becoming increasingly important, especially in light of the noticeable changes in work and living environments. These challenges are mastered by establishing additional flexible work time models, creating the technical conditions for remote working, working from home etc., as well as providing demand-oriented childcare options for employees.

The satisfaction of employees is also determined by the self-efficacy in an occupational context. Internal idea contests are intended to promote these efforts and at the same time contribute to additional value generation within Energie AG Group as a result of the implementation of valuable improvement suggestions from employees.

The Group's apprenticeship programme secures a comprehensive practical training for young talents, who rotate through different business areas with relevant career opportunities, and is a preventative measure in light of the general shortage of skilled workers. Dedicated trainee programs are intended to give external target groups an excellent career start at Energie AG Group. Scholarships and other financial assistance options that explicitly target female technicians contribute to the promotion of diversity and equal opportunity.

The implementation of sustainability objectives requires committed and satisfied employees. As an important employer in the supply regions, Energie AG offers attractive and secure jobs. Flexible work time models, high quality work equipment, and a wide range of training and professional education options form the basis for successfully mastering the daily challenges.

As of 30 September 2021, Energie AG Group had 4,611 (FTE) employees (previous year: 4,571) in three countries (previous year: three) and an average of 165 temporary staff (FTE) for limited-time projects and to balance peak work loads in the 2020/2021 fiscal year (previous year: 179 FTE).











Staff levels









Temporary staff


















All employment contracts with employees in Austria and South Tyrol are governed by collective agreements or works agreements. The employees in the Czech Republic are organised in unions. Energie AG Group employs personnel from 29 different countries (previous year: 28).

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