Respect for human rights

The well-being of all persons within its supply area is an important goal for Energie AG Group. The Group focuses its actions on providing a safe and reliable supply that enables well-being, trade and commerce, and a high quality of life.

Respect for human rights is a natural part of life for the Energie AG Group. Energie AG expects all business partners to adhere to the statutory framework, along with the applicable laws and standards on human rights. In this respect, the Group cannot discern any material risks for compliance with the applicable legal standards in the European Union and in Europe. Risks in the earlier links of the supply chain cannot be entirely ruled out. For this reason, the Group exercises due diligence in procurement.

Equal treatment has been identified as a human rights issue that could fall within the Company's direct sphere of influence, although there is no significant risk in this regard. The parties available for employees to contact in the event of possible discrimination are the compliance officer, the Works Council or their respective supervisor. As in the previous years, no incidents of discrimination were reported in the 2020/2021 fiscal year, nor were any legal proceedings underway.

Energie AG does not tolerate any discriminatory conduct or any unequal treatment, whether on the basis of national or ethnic origin, religion, age, gender or other traits. Diversity presents valuable potential for Energie AG as an international company Group. Energie AG respects the unique nature of each individual, and are committed to tolerant and respectful conduct as well as open communication. The effects of this include promoting a climate of mutual appreciation and respect and applies to all of the Group's employees as well as everyone who lives in the supply area. Behaviours aiming towards fair and trusting interaction with one another are supported.

Intentional or targeted misinformation will not be tolerated. Maintaining an open and constructive dialogue with those responsible on the European, national, regional, and municipal levels, as well as lobbyists, non-governmental organisations (NGOs: non-governmental organisations formed privately or under private law) and the residents directly affected by Energie AG's projects is very important to the Group, especially in the interest of sustainability and responsible governance.

The actions of Energie AG always abide by the Group's guiding principle “We care about tomorrow”. The Energie AG Group will continue to develop its sustainability management in the 2021/2022 fiscal year on the basis of environmental and social aspects.

Linz, 03 December 2021

The Management Board of Energie AG Oberösterreich

Chief Executive Officer DDr. Werner Steinecker MBA, Chair of the Management Board (signature)

Chief Executive Officer
DDr. Werner Steinecker MBA
Chairman of the Management Board

Dr. Andreas Kolar, Member of the Management Board (signature)

Dr. Andreas Kolar
Member of the Management Board

Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Stallinger MBA, Member of the Management Board (signature)

Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Stallinger MBA
Member of the Management Board

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