Treasury stocks

By resolution of the Annual General Meeting on 16 December 2020, the share capital of Energie AG Oberösterreich was reduced by EUR 1,742.00 from EUR 88,655,524.00 to EUR 88,653,782.00 by means of a simplified capital reduction by cancellation of 1,742 no-par value registered shares of treasury stock in the form of non-voting preferred shares. As a result, § 4 of the Company's Articles of Association was amended accordingly.

In certain cases, the Energie AG Oberösterreich employee stock option plan provides for the right or the obligation to purchase Energie AG employee shares. In fiscal year 2020/2021, the following changes in treasury stock resulted from this security:

Treasury stocks



Treasury stocks


Share in
capital stock


Share in
capital stock
EUR 1,000

Treasury stocks as of 30.09.2020







Disposals 2020/2021







Additions 2020/2021







Treasury stocks as of 30.09.2021







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