The values of continuity, reliability, safety and solidarity are of great importance for the customers and all other stakeholders of Energie AG and therefore an inseparable component of the corporate strategy. In light of unpredictable crisis events – such as the COVID-19 pandemic that has been raging since the spring of 2020 – these values have become even more important.

Energie AG takes its function as a role model in terms of solidarity and social responsibility very seriously and fulfills this role by pro-actively taking initiative and supporting charitable organisations.

The Group considers the raising of an awareness for a sensible and considerate treatment of energy resources and the value of a sustainable circular economy to be one of its most important responsibilities in the area of social affairs. The educational programme “Energie AG at School” is intended to gently introduce even the youngest members of society to a constructive and critical engagement with these issues.

Energie AG contributes its solid know-how to the scientific discourse about the creation of a sustainable energy future, as well as in the form of feasible and realistic approaches to solutions that contribute to bringing the energy transition 2030 to life.

Social engagement during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic

Energie AG has proven itself as a strong and reliable partner for its stakeholders during the COVID-19 pandemic. With its public involvement under the campaign motto “100% for Upper Austria”, the Group instilled continuity and security and contributed to calming the in parts very anxious population of Upper Austria. The positive image of the members of the Energie AG sports family was harnessed for motivating the population to comply with the COVID-19-related protective measures imposed by the government.

In order to further fulfil its supply and waste management mandate and at the same time protect the health of its customers and employees, an internal task force with experienced members of the crisis management team was formed in February 2020. This task force continuously monitored the current situation in all detail with the aim of deriving any necessary measures and coordinating their controlled implementation across the Group. In March 2020, around 1,450 employees in Austria were ordered to switch to working from home for the sake of their own safety. For the same reason, specific shift and work time models were developed for those employees whose presence on-site was absolutely necessary.

Employees involved in team work that does not allow for the prescribed minimum distance between two persons were provided with adequate personal protective equipment and clothing.

Customers who were facing difficulties due to the pandemic were offered special arrangements, e.g. a moratorium on electricity disconnections and the option to defer due payments.

Vacant Energie AG premises were made available to the Red Cross for the telephone hotline information service during the pandemic.

The COVID-19 safety measures in the Czech Republic complicated the works related to the supply of customers with water and heat. In the spring months of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the postponement of a number of projects.

Timely, comprehensive precautions aimed at managing the pandemic in the autumn and winter months of 2020 were implemented across the entire Energie AG Group.