Energie AG’s economic goals are:

  • Ensuring sustainable financial stability
  • Securing the company value
  • Implementing innovative business models that are fit for the future

Positioning ourselves as a reliable and stable partner for equity investors and outside creditors is an important goal of Energie AG, which we are pursuing in a consistent and sustained manner.

Business models fit for the future – innovation

On 1 October 2019, Wertstatt 8 GmbH as an independent innovation company started its activities aimed at exploring the potential of different subject areas for future business models and placing an even stronger focus on the advancement of innovation-related activities. Based on the customers' requirements, the Company's objective is to develop digital solutions and innovative business models in the fields of energy and the environment that generate sustainable additional value for both the customers and the Group.

In October 2019, the jury of the innovation award “Digitalos” nominated one of the services developed by Wertstatt 8 GmbH for the final round in the category “artificial intelligence/digital projects”: with the help of independent online heating consultant “HEINZI” (www.heinzi.com), customers are provided with heating recommendations tailored to their individual property and requirements, the option to easily compare the proposed systems, and also to receive suggestions for regional specialist companies that can support them in the practical implementation.

Another tool developed by Wertstatt 8 GmbH has already established itself on the market: the “PV calculator” can be used to design an individual PV power system in a few simple steps. This tool allows the customers of Energie AG to gain a quick overview of available options and receive suitable offers, such as Energie AG's PV SuperDeal (a photovoltaic power system at a monthly fixed price including comprehensive insurance).

Suggestions for improvement are solicited from all Energie AG’s employees on the “Loominati” platform – from small ideas about how to make savings to all-new business models. The most important asset for this to succeed is an innovative and highly motivated workforce, with staff able to play their part in the optimisation of operational processes and the ongoing development of the Group by sharing their ideas and expertise.

Suggestions for improvements










Ideas submitted









In the 2019/2020 fiscal year, this translated to 121 suggestions for improvement submitted by employees from all units within the Energie AG Group (previous year: 173). The decline is attributable to the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions (no local presence with the “thinktank”, a mobile information and service booth, at events).

The regularly conducted digitalisation initiative “Neuland” is one of the measures taken to implement Energie AG's digital strategy. In fiscal year 2019/2020, once again a large number of ideas were submitted by employees and advanced intensively in a multi-stage selection process. The project ideas ranged from process automation to digital assistants in customer communications and innovative solutions for complex customer applications.

A tailored framework programme with manifold participation and professional development opportunities for the employees allowed them to increase their digital know-how and improve their identification with the digitalisation objectives.

New technologies

Energie AG harnesses new technologies for increasing the efficiency of internal processes and developing new products and services for its customers. These include, inter alia, algorithms for an intelligent peak management, omni-channel solutions for customer service, the automation and expedited performance of routine activities by robotic process automation, an Internet-of-Things (IoT) solution for monitoring water consumption, and the use of data goggles during maintenance works. The job application process was improved by implementing a modern “one-click” technique via a digital platform. Matching algorithms support customers in making decisions and in questions concerning the intelligent use of renewable energies (online heating consultant “HEINZi”, online PV calculator).

For more information, see the Research, development and innovation section in the Group Management Report.

Economic position

Information about the economic position of Energie AG Group and on the important subject of the partnership with equity investors and outside creditors can be found in the Group Management Report, in section Business development and in the Consolidated Financial Statements.