Energie AG operates an active building benchmarking across Austria and for the PowerTower Linz and the facility in Gmunden in particular. The construction design of the Group's headquarters – the PowerTower in Linz – is unrivalled in terms of energy efficiency. According to an annual comparison with similar (including more recent and modern) office buildings, it continues to hold a leading position. The combination of an innovative facade and a heating and cooling system that uses groundwater, soil and solar energy delivers outstanding energy efficiency. Energie AG is aiming at installing modern energy concepts in all its buildings – in the best interest of its employees and the environment.

Energie AG takes its responsibility as an operator under ÖNORM B1301 (property and building safety) very seriously. The focus is on ensuring employee welfare in a safe and highly sophisticated environment.

The company restaurants and canteens of Energie AG in Linz, Gmunden, Timelkam and Riedersbach prioritise the use of regional and seasonal fresh produce. In the 2019/2020 fiscal year, the kitchens prepared a total of 122,892 fresh servings of food for employees (previous year: 146,936). In the interest of a balanced diet, the menus also feature vegetarian meal options. Around 25% of all lunches sold are vegetarian.

In purchasing processes, some environmentally relevant criteria are set as mandatory requirements in the text of requests for proposal. The supplier assessment in the Group's purchasing manual includes an environmental component. Tenders for transport services are awarded with consideration for the CO2 emissions.

Energie AG’s charging card is the key to Austria’s largest charging network, giving customers a convenient way to charge their electric cars. More than 4,500 electric car charging stations across Austria are provided by cooperation partners and can be used with the Energie AG charging card. In Upper Austria, Energie AG has established a dense charging network to provide public and fast charging facilities for electric cars. Energie AG is planning to expand the network of public charging stations with different output levels in the future (in cooperation with municipalities and local partners). These charging stations are available for all electric car drivers to use. The electricity supplied to all charging stations operated by Energie AG is to 100% sourced from hydroelectric power, wind and solar energy. Energie AG also offers charging solutions for densely populated residential buildings and company fleets. These solutions are geared to the charging requirements of the local target groups. For more information, see the Electric Vehicles section of the Group Management Report.