Gaining and retaining the best minds is crucial for a company’s future business development. The demand for female graduates – in particular in technical fields of study – is much higher than the potential that is available on the labour market. As Energie AG seeks to promote diversity, it has set itself the goal of attracting more female technical professionals to work at the Group.

In the 2018/2019 fiscal year, we carried out a number of employer branding activities, in particular at technical universities, to raise awareness of Energie AG among women interested in technical occupations.

In October 2018, Energie AG launched a trainee programme, which was attended by 12 trainees (9 of whom were women). After an initial phase in the area of the company most closely matched to their respective skills, the trainees rotated to different parts of the business to help them get the fullest possible picture of life at the Group. In addition, the trainee group has already completed several specially designed seminars.

Due to the great success achieved in the previous year, a scholarship for female technical staff was also awarded in autumn 2018. The scholars not only receive financial support, but can also complete internships at Energie AG or write their master’s thesis drawing on their experiences with the company, potentially fostering strong ties between the company and these scholars from an early stage. In the 2018/2019 fiscal year, three new scholarships were awarded to female scholars (previous year: four).

In January 2019, the company started implementing a digital job platform: digiTalent, which was the winning project in our “Neuland” internal digitalisation initiative. The needs of applicants today have changed considerably from those in the past. The younger generation, in particular, expects to be able to apply simply and quickly via an online job platform. By providing such a platform, Energie AG will cement its place as a modern employer, as well as increase internal process efficiency.

Energie AG participates in various programmes for school pupils and students in higher education, such as the IAESTE programme (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience). IAESTE finds placements in over 80 member states for trainees studying technical and scientific subjects. These traineeships are based on a one-for-one exchange, which also enables Austrian students to train abroad. Energie AG offers summer internship places to two students each year.

Since 2014, Energie AG has been providing material and intellectual support to gifted and socially engaged pupils of immigrant origin through the START scholarship program, laying the foundations for these scholars to pursue academic study. This support covers the costs for PC equipment (one-time), educational materials, seminar attendance, annual meetings, and regional events and workshops.