Energie AG’s social goals are:

  • Reliability in supply and waste management services
  • To position ourselves as a responsible company
  • To build and maintain sustainable client relationships
  • Ongoing proactive dialogue with stakeholders
  • To strengthen environmental consciousness among children and young people
  • To avoid infringements of legal and in-house standards

In an extensive study by the Economica Institute for Economic Research, the “economic footprint”® of Energie AG in Upper Austria and Austria as a whole was calculated for the first time. Energie AG plays a significant role throughout the nation, contributing added-value effects worth a total of EUR 1.1 billion (including EUR 881.8 million in Upper Austria) and sustaining more than 10,000 jobs (including 8,143 in Upper Austria). In Upper Austria alone, 2.1% of gross regional product and 1.3% of employment depends on Energie AG directly or indirectly.