This is now the second report we have published to provide non-financial information from the Energie AG Group, Upper Austria’s largest utility company. The topics covered in this report have become increasingly strategically important in light of growing public concern about the climate, so it is imperative that Energie AG has a uniform approach.

Sustainability has become a key topic – especially in the energy sector, since both direct environment impacts and expectations from the general public are directly linked to our business activities. While our waste management services are increasingly influenced by the circular economy and the need to use resources efficiently, we are also heavily involved in the transformation towards a digital society in our capacity as a telecommunications company. The immediate effects of extreme weather are already being felt more and more severely, especially when it comes to water supply and waste water disposal infrastructure in the Czech Republic. In addition, we are also facing the impacts of demographic change. Like all businesses, it is clear that Energie AG has to contend with serious competition for skilled employees. Providing an attractive place to work is a critical success factor.

At Energie AG, we recognise these challenges. As part of our strategy development process, we discussed environmental and social issues and came to an agreed position. A strong regional partner for our customers, we are committed to delivering supply reliability and stability. Our flexibility allows us to respond quickly to changing circumstances. As a result, we view decarbonisation – the cornerstone of Austria’s climate and energy strategy – as a major opportunity. In addition, digitalisation is unleashing new sources of potential in the market, which we hope to turn to good account with the help of our most valuable resource – our employees. Energie AG is pursuing a holistic approach and is dedicated to making progress with our business activities, social affairs, environmental issues, employee welfare, compliance and anti-corruption efforts. This report will explain the advancements we have made in implementing our strategy and achieving our sustainability goals.

To ensure that we remain commercially successful in the long run, we have decided that Energie AG must aim to implement innovative and sustainable business models of its own accord. For instance, our new subsidiary Wertstatt 8 successfully rolled out a number of new developments in the year under review, including lighthouse projects such as our online heating consultation service (HEINZi). Our position as a responsible company in Austria has been confirmed by a study, which shows that Energie AG generates significant added value while providing a large number of secure jobs, particularly in Upper Austria. Expanding the fibre-optic network is a key factor in the development of rural areas, as this will help to meet constantly growing demand for bandwidth in communications and data networks. In addition, we are committed to expanding renewable energy generation facilities and relentlessly increasing energy efficiency. We have managed to reduce network losses in the electricity and natural gas grids, as well as providing environmentally friendly waste management by adopting an outstanding environmental management system for waste.

A huge amount of credit is due to our staff for these successful achievements. Starting with our apprentices, we always strive to maintain a high level of quality in our training and development efforts. Since 1943, 1,490 apprentices have successfully completed their training and become top-qualified specialists in their fields. Another priority at Energie AG is to help encourage young women to enter technical professions. We are helping our employees to overcome the growing challenges involved in using digital technologies by providing an extensive training programme. As a responsible company, Energie AG has also made headway when it comes to ensuring a balance between work and family life, which has been certified via the “berufundfamilie” audit.

Energie AG also thinks about future generations and consistently seek to put environmental, social and public welfare issues at the forefront of our agenda. We hope that this report on non-financial information gives you an opportunity to find out more about our activities and we look forward to working together with you as we continue to pursue sustainable development.

Chief Executive Officer DDr. Werner Steinecker MBA, Chair of the Management Board (signature)

Chief Executive Officer
KommR. Prof. Ing. DDr.
Werner Steinecker MBA
Chairman of the Management Board

Dr. Andreas Kolar, Member of the Management Board (signature)

KommR. Mag. Dr.
Andreas Kolar
Member of the Management Board

Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Stallinger MBA, Member of the Management Board (signature)

Stefan Stallinger MBA
Member of the Management Board