Strategy and major sustainability issues

Energie AG Group is consciously exercising its responsibility in the area of sustainable development and accepts guidance from the contents and objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015. These goals are intended to assist all nations in making significant progress in their sustainably development until the year 2030. The Group contributes to the achievement of the SDGs with its strategic positioning in combination with its individual products and service offerings, also see Sustainability at a glance.

Sustainabile Development Goals (icons)
Source: Sustainable development goals

A structured annual strategy process is a prerequisite for consistent control over the Energie AG Group’s long-term business development. Strategies and measures that assure the sustainability of the Group’s profitability and financial performance are derived from market development analyses, the evaluation of the business activities’ effects in an economic, ecological, and social context (monitoring processes, certifications etc.), the balancing of the Group’s strategic goals with the interests and expectations ascertained during the ongoing dialogue with stakeholders and the energy policy environment (new statutory requirements etc.).

The annual strategy conference of the Management Board of Energie AG Group took place in April 2022. It focused on an analysis of the prevailing fundamental economic, geopolitical and legal conditions and associated opportunities and risks for Energie AG.

The strategic course of Energie AG together with the necessary capex resources was communicated in the Group strategy conference held in July of 2022. In addition to the current challenges and developments, which include the development of gas and electricity prices, inflation and strategy implementation, the group strategy conference examined the human resources strategy and the topic of “how we will work in the future” in further detail.

Major sustainability issues

As part of the strategy development process, Energie AG’s major sustainability issues are regularly evaluated and undergo continuous improvement with the involvement of internal and external interested parties. Sustainability topics were rated in a materiality matrix from ”important“ to ”highly important“. The quantitative and qualitative key performance indicators to be measured were set based on this matrix. The matrix was last updated in fiscal year 2020/2021 and adapted to the results of the strategy process.

The focus of the Group’s commercial activities lies on the mid- and long-term positive development of the major sustainability issues of Energy AG Group. The major sustainability issues for Energie AG Group have not changed from the previous year and are discussed in the following sections:

Economy and Group Management Report

  • Partnership with equity investors and outside creditors
  • Business models fit for the future & innovation

Social affairs

  • Security and quality of supply
  • Customer orientation and satisfaction
  • Regional responsibility & social commitment


  • Climate protection & resource conservation


  • Acting as a responsible employer
  • Workplace health and safety

Compliance (incl. Respect for human rights)

  • Legal compliance and prevention of corruption

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