Group management bodies

Management Board

Chief Executive Officer Professor Commercial Council Ing. DDr. Werner STEINECKER MBA,
Chairman of the Management Board
Commercial Council Mag. Dr. Andreas KOLAR, Member of the Management Board
Dipl.-Ing. Stefan STALLINGER, MBA, Member of the Management Board

Supervisory Board

Shareholder representatives

Provincial Councillor Markus ACHLEITNER, Chairman
Solicitor Mag. Stefan LANG LL.M., Vice-Chairman
Chief Executive Officer Dr. Heinrich SCHALLER, Deputy Vice-Chairman
Head of Administrative Department Dr. Miriam EDER MBA
Chairman of the Management Board Mag. Dr. Erich ENTSTRASSER
Managing Director Mag. Dr. Christiane FRAUSCHER
Member of Management Board Mag. Florian HAGENAUER MBA
Chief Executive Officer Dipl.-Ing. Erich HAIDER MBA
Secretary General Emerita Mag. Anna Maria HOCHHAUSER (retired on 17 December 2021)
Deputy to Chief Executive Officer Commercial Council Mag. Michaela KEPLINGER-MITTERLEHNER
Dr. Elisabeth KÖLBLINGER (since 17 December 2021)
Member of Management Board Mag. Kathrin Renate KÜHTREIBER-LEITNER MBA
Head of Local Parliamentary Group, Member of State Parliament, Commercial Council Ing. Herwig MAHR
Gertrude SCHATZDORFER-WÖLFEL (since 4 March 2022)
Josef WALCH, Chartered Accountant and Tax Consultant (retired on 17 December 2021)

Employees’ representatives

Ing. Mag. Leopold HOFINGER, Head of Works Council (retired on 21 April 2022)
Mag. Dr. Regina KRENN, Head of Works Council
Ing. Peter NEISSL MBA MSc, Head of Works Council
Edith SCHATZDORFER, Head of Works Council (since 21 April 2022)
Ing. Bernhard STEINER, Head of Works Council Group Representatives
Gerhard STÖRINGER, Head of Central Works Council
Christian STROBL, Head of Works Council
Andreas WALZER, Head of Works Council

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