The business model of Energie AG Oberösterreich

The business model of Energie AG Group covers the entire value chain of energy: from energy generation to the construction and operation of electricity and gas grids as well as the supply of consumers with electricity, gas and heat. Additionally, customers in Austria are also offered telecommunication products and energy-related services. The Group offers an integrated waste management and waste management solutions to its customers in Austria and northern Italy, while those in the Czech Republic are supplied with drinking water, heat and wastewater management services.

Business Model (organigram)

2022 is also the year in which Energie AG celebrates its 130th anniversary. The history of Energie AG is manifest in the milestones achieved by the Group since its formation in the year 1892.

Energie AG is headquartered in Linz, Upper Austria. Energie AG’s market area includes Austria, the Czech Republic, and Northern Italy. Operational electricity and gas-related sales activities in Germany were discontinued at the end of calendar year 2021.

As a provider of electricity, gas, heating, water as well as energy, waste management, information and communication technology services, the Company works to deliver the highest levels of quality and reliability in its products, processes and services.

As a competent, responsible and competitive Group, Energie AG aspires to offer its customers products and services that generate additional value, represent fair value and are regionally available. This helps to assure a general spirit of partnership when interacting with customers, employees, suppliers and the general public.

The Energy Segment is the Company’s core business and consists of electricity and heat generation, the trade with energy and energy-related products, electricity and gas sales, heat supply in Austria and sales of telecommunication services. The range of services also encompasses certain energy services, such as energy audits for large organisations, energy certificates and building modernisation plans, charge cards for electric mobility charging stations, special energy contracting models and system optimisation strategies.

The Grid Segment comprises the construction and operation of the electricity and gas grid as the backbone of Upper Austria’s supply with electricity and gas by Netz Oberösterreich GmbH (Netz OÖ GmbH), a fully owned subsidiary of Energie AG.

The Waste Management Segment offers integrated waste management and individual waste management solutions in Austria and Northern Italy. This includes the collection, acceptance, storage, sorting, management and incineration (including slag processing) of domestic and commercial waste, as well as recovery and reuse of recycling materials in this area.

The Czech Republic Segment offers comprehensive drinking water supply and waste water management services in the Czech Republic. The business models include concession, operator and service contracts; specialised water, waste water and heating services; and construction and installations. Cities, local authorities, associations, industrial enterprises, housing companies and housing cooperatives are the contractual partners who form the Czech Republic Segment’s client base.

In addition to the management and control functions of the holding company, the Holding & Services Segment comprises the Telecommunications business area, commercial and technical services and some subsidiaries consolidated at equity that are not assigned to other segments. The commercial and technical service companies provide services for the entire Group.

Disclosures about changes under corporate law during the 2021/2022 fiscal year are provided in the Group Management Report, Changes under corporate law. The Group Annual Report includes an overview of financial key figures Energie AG Oberösterreich at a glance.

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