Risks and opportunities

The tense economic and political environment in the energy sector, and the price developments this entails, exert a strong influence on Energie AG's risks and opportunities situation. As the Russian-Ukrainian war continues, accompanied by discussions on a possible European gas embargo and the risk of supply restrictions on the part of Russia, gas and electricity prices are expected to remain highly volatile with an upward trend. The concrete economic impact of the measures currently being planned to increase gas storage provisions is also virtually impossible to predict at the present time.

Energie AG is closely monitoring the gas supply situation and the related market events and – to the extent possible – is also preparing for a potential gas shortage in the scope of risk provisioning. In this case, it can be assumed that there will be government intervention in the form of energy control measures.

Additionally, the potential further consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, climatic conditions and climate policy, and regulatory changes can all have a significant impact on Energie AG.

Due to the Group’s diversified and robust business portfolio and its high level of resilience, Energie AG’s risk situation is stable – assuming that the sanctions against Russia are not extended to gas and that Russia does not stop exports.

For more details on the risks and opportunities situation, see the Notes to the Semi-Annual Consolidated Financial Statements, Section 8. Risk management.

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